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Game: SCP - Containment Breach Link:

My first attempt at an analysis of a game (a questionable one) will be about:

the one (and also nine, three and four, not in that order) 
the only (until you run into someone/thing) 
the legendary (pretty gud) 

Today, I will try to investigate his past. What was this "spiral gestalt" he was researching? Did that give him his powers? How important was the secrecy of it? (Must've been up there, surely!)

And on top of that, who is Dr. Maynard? Did he give SCP-079 control of the facility's systems? Who was he working for? All that, and more, right after you stop reading this and click play!

If you'd like to help keep this up:

Song in the end: "Turn On" by RW Smith Link for it is here:

Sorry this took so long. This was a lot harder than I expected!

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