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"Making Logic out of Illogic."-Chaos Insurgency motto

The Chaos Insurgency (CI) is a paramilitary group known for it's use of anomalous items and entities as weapons against his enemies, primarily the SCP Foundation, they are a loose cell group receiving orders from leaders shrouded in mystery and their primary goal seems to be amassing power, embracing Transhumanism and some say suplanting the Foundation. The CI has a strong presence in non developed countries since its inception in the 30s, particulary Latinamerica, Central and South Africa and South-east Asia. With the onset of the Cold War, the Insurgency became more adept at manipulating corrupt governments to further its power and agenda.

Historical Theories

Party Line Version

In 1924, the SCP Foundation formed a covert special task force, known only to the O5 Council, codenamed the "Insurgency". The leadership of the Insurgency was comprised of members of MTF Alpha-1 "Red Right Hand", famed for their loyalty to the O5 Council and the total secrecy of their origins, identities, and operations. The Insurgency leadership was supported by research, security, and retrieval personnel, all taken from Foundation ranks. To the majority of the Foundation and the anomalous world, the Insurgency was a splinter group that went A.W.O.L. with several researchers and anomalous objects.

Red Right Hand Defection

In reality, the O5 Council had created the Insurgency to complete missions with ethically questionable methods and politically unsavory results—while keeping the Foundation's public reputation clean. For approximately twenty-four years, the Insurgency operated under the guise of Foundation defectors, using anomalous objects to secretly further the goals of the O5 Council. In 1948, as part of a seemingly routine staged operation, the Insurgency removed several SCP objects from Foundation containment and transported dozens of defecting Foundation researchers to various safe locations. That same day, multiple other unplanned raids of Foundation facilities occurred. The Insurgency seized SCP objects with great research and military potential and inflicted severe casualties to Foundation personnel. The Foundation's biggest lie had become a reality. Their covert black ops team had defected, and the Foundation faced a new threat from an organization now calling itself by a new name: the Chaos Insurgency.

Foundation's Civil War

The Logo used by the Triad Forces during the Foundation's Civil War

A Third theory regarding the CI origins is based around a Civil War long forgotten by even the Foundation itself. With the end of the First World War, the Foundation saw its ranks increase with an influx of new recruits from the battlefields of Europe, military scientists put out of work with the scaling back of the war economy, and returning members who had taken leave to serve their countries. Fresh from the horrors of war, many members of the Foundation believed SCP objects could and should be utilized to benefit humanity. An internal rift between the O5 Council itself led to the assassination of O5-3 and O5-12 during a coup attempt by O5-9 and O5-11, this marked the begining of the Foundation's Civil War. General Weston (former O5-9) and Count Frederiks (former O5-11) sought refuge at Site-37 in the Austrian Alps. Site-37's Director, Dr. Wolfgang Fritz, a former researcher for the German Empire, was sympathetic to Weston's and Frederiks' cause. The three men formed the "Triad", a governing body whose first official decision was to declare the O5 Council "an illegitimate body", and to claim authority over the Foundation. In a combination of outrage and support for the Triad's cause over the 05 Council draconian measures taken, many Foundation facilities and units defected to the Triad's side. The Foundation Civil War lasted from 12 June 1924 until 10 October 1926. The conflict was fought between the Loyalists (members of the Foundation loyal to the existing O5 Council) and the Triads (forces loyal to the rebellious Triad). The O5 Council subsequently employed all available resources to expunge the details of the conflict from any records requiring a security clearance lower than Level 5. Due to the Foundation's compartmentalized nature, a rigorous counterintelligence campaign and accompanying purges, and the fact that most of the forces on the Foundation's side of the conflict had been limited to the Foundation's security, military, paramilitary, and intelligence forces, the cover-up was remarkably. successful. Count Frederiks was captured at the Battle of Kolguev Island and taken into solitary confinement by the Foundation Loyalist forces, Less than a week after his capture, Count Frederiks suffered a serious stroke, confining him to bed and rendering him all but completely senile. He would finally die of old age in 1927, alone and forgotten. On 25 March 1926, Foundation operatives infiltrated Site-37, where they assassinated Dr. Wolfgang Fritz while he slept.

By October 1926, nearly all remaining Triad forces were holed up in Sector-12. General Chatterton the last remaining memeber of the Triad, extended an offer for the facility's unconditional surrender; it was rejected. The battle itself took over a fortnight. Weston attempted a strategy of attrition, but effectively outnumbered twelve to one, this had little hope of success. Nonstop artillery and aerial bombardment, liberal deployment of nerve gas, and a frontal assault by the Foundation's sole tank company devastated the defenders, On 17 October 1926, after General Weston was killed by an artillery shell, the remaining Triad forces, numbering only fifty-seven, surrendered. After a 7-6 vote, the O5 Council ordered their execution by firing squad for high treason against the Foundation. The Foundation Civil War was over.

The birth of the Chaos Insurgency

The remaining survivors of the Triad Foundation had gone into hiding taking with them many SCPs, intel and resources, among them Major Damien O'Connor a charismatic and intelligent Irish firebrand who'd served as a Mobile Task Force commander and famed fiery orator and gifted strategist. From 1926 to 1933 O'Connor reunited the survivors and reorganized them into a cell based group designed to fight an asymetrical warfare against his enemy, creating what was then known as the "SCP Insurgency". In 1933, O'Connor received a stolen copy of an SCP memorandum, refering to "an insurgency of chaos against the Foundation", liking that phrase, he then Christened the new group as the "Chaos Insurgency". O'Connor used paratechnology developed during the final days of the civil war to create a secret encripted communication network with his operatives, this network is still in use today.

The CI begun using a traditional cell system with the Foundation's Civil War survivors, but then evolved to a Mass-oriented system, creating it's own paraorganization. From 1933 to 1939 the newly reformed Chaos Insurgency moved towards developing nations where there were less presence of the Foundation as well as strongly established governments, particulary Central-America, South-Africa, Belgium Congo and Malaysia, from then on seizing the opportunity for providing intelligence and Military service to local governments in exchange of resources to rebuild it's forces as well as Facilities. As WWII unraveled the CI kept expanding itself while seizing it's share of local Black Markets and criminal syndicates. With the Arrival of the Cold War, conflicts scaled around the world and the Insurgency grew more by taking advantage aligning itself with both the governments as well as it's opositions in some ocasions, the World battlefield provided with good soldiers and the Scientific race with excelent researchers.


The Insurgency is a loose group of cluster cells operating around the World following orders issued by Delta Command, which relays it's order to local Gamma leaders, those in return follow them while simultaneously managing the logistics and administrative elements of the organization and commanding the Beta Class and Alpha Class agents. The Insurgency is divided in three branches: Logistics (engineers, medics and middle-men), R&D (devoted to investigate the instrumentalization and weaponization of Anomalies) and Military (Combat units). Cells are as small as 4 Man teams and as big as required (although in practice they usually remain small) and can be comprised of members from each branch or be a single branch cell. I.e. a 10 men cell of military special operators. Cells are created and disbanded on regular basis according to whatever Delta Command/Gamma commanders requires. The organization is based on a "need to know basis" to protect OPSEC. While the CI has grown to become a powerful organization, it does not possess as much wealth as it's primary enemy the SCP Foundation, therefore it lacks it's worldwide presence as well as it's impressive amount of people and resources available, however, it makes it up with ingenuity, control over anomalies and constant dynamic presence on it's selected areas.

The CI owns an active Military force in the shape of augmented/Anomalous soldiers as well as regular ones, they however have usually less training and access to equipment that their rivals, the Insurgency however, makes it up relying on Anomalies and unconventional warfare strategies such as Guerrilla tactics mostly based on intelligence, ambush, deception, sabotage, espionage, and low-intensity conflict. The CI remains a military Mobile and flexible force mostly suplemented by Alpha Units and Anomalies used as force multipliers.

The Insurgency follows a doctrine of hidden agenda, meaning it's attacks and operations must always hid the true purpose of being performed by utilizing constant misdirection and overall operational security. The Insurgency uses selective terrorist strikes not to inflict fear on the Foundation's personnel but to expose the indiference which the Foundation expresses towards it's own people, therefore gaining potential recruits, this and many other Subversive tactics are used. Other recruits are enticed with money and others with promises of full non restrictive access to SCP investigation. The CI also use Subversive strategies on the governments it deals with to make sure they remain compliant.

Delta Command

A Group of 8 Delta Class leaders connected through an implanted anomaly with each other known as "The Engine", they are never on the same room and desguise themselves as Gamma Class operatives among other CI agents. Delta Class personnel are those deemed essential to Chaos Insurgency strategic operations, and are not allowed direct access to anomalies unless it's absolutely required. Delta Command HQ Is a Mobile Facility devoted to issue Delta's orders, the place however rarely houses Delta Class agents, mostly Gamma class, the place acts mostly as a decoy.

The Engine

This anomaly is a V8 Engine with a precognitive entity that links Delta Class agents into a cluster, allows them a bigger understanding of Situations as well as sharing Information. The Engine grants the 8 Delta Class with both a permanent connection as well as minor precognitive skills. The end result is a cluster hive-mind that constantly shres back and forth.

Gamma Class

Strategic functions, management of CI resources, follows the plan layed out by Delta Command. Gamma Class personnel are those deemed essential to local CI operations, and may only be granted access to objects, entities, and anomalies that have passed quarantine and have been cleared of any potential mind-affecting effects or memetic agents. In the event of a containment breach or hostile action against a CI Facility, Gamma Class personnel are to be evacuated to a designated, secure off-site location as soon as possible.

Beta Class

Tactical functions, field operatives and leaders of Alpha class. Beta Class personnel are personnel with direct access to most anomalies not deemed strictly hostile or dangerous, unless given clearence by Gamma superiors. In the event of a breach or hostile action against a CI facility, non-combatant Beta Class personnel are to either report to secure lock-down areas or evacuated at the discretion of on-site security.

Alpha Class

Disposable force of troopers, researchers and infiltrators, upgraded to Beta if deemed useful enough. Alpha class are not allowed to come into contact with Delta or Gamma Class personnel. Mike Units are considered Alphas. Nearly every potential agent is recruited as Alpha class, only those who Survive and show attitude and skill are upgraded. Many Alpha Class members usually begin as moles, spies and infiltrators within the Foundation and other GoI, until proven worthy of advancing, only then they are authorized to work on a Facility. Military Alpha class units (as well as middle-men and logistics) begin as outsourced muscle from other private organizations (PMC) or allied governments' Special Forces until proven worthy of being advanced.

Transhuman Task Force

Among it's top tier operatives there is the socalled Transhuman Task Force, a group of Special Operatives genetically, cybernetically, and thaumaturgically augmented and equiped with the most advanced gear available to the Insurgency. These augmentations included, but were not limited to:

  • Skeletal reinforcements resulting in increased bone strength and resilience
  • Muscular enhancements to increase power and endurance
  • Redundant cardiovascular systems to increase overall survivability
  • Neural implants and brain augmentations designed to improve reflexes and reaction time
  • Neural implants enabling extrasensory detection and communication
  • Self-termination devices if compromised and dead-man fail-safes intended to incinerate the body upon operators death.

Current teams: Zeta-3 "Archangels", Upsilon-9 "Kamis" and Omicron-6 "Ameshas".


Delta Command takes action to make the Insurgency appears as Chaotic on purpose, contradictions are purposedly made to mantain this image and hid it's true goals and objectives. The CI spouses Moral nihilism (the meta-ethical view that nothing is morally right or wrong) as a primary way of thinking, the World exists devoided of moral principles, those are constructions made to control people, thus, Chaos Insurgency members are free to believe for themselves whatever they want as long they follow Delta Command orders, this is achieved by following an strict "on a need to know basis" policy, exemplified under the motto "Ignorance is our Ammunition" and justified as OPSEC is a necesity as being on a constant war against the SCP Foundation.

The CI exists to destroy the Foundation but also to "Advance mankind", true mankind however is that which have the strength and willpower to harness the Anomalous and is not bound by weakness nor lies (such as morality and social conventions), therefore, the Insurgency is the true future of mankind. CI members are encouraged to be pragmatic, assertive and determined, that's the goal of life (even if they become egoistic and "Evil" towards other) and through the Insurgency one can become it's true self, a better (and transhuman) self. Whether this philosophy is truly part of the organization's goals or simply a ruse from Delta Command to create a sense of belonging and a source of motivation within his ranks, is still unkown. Scientists and researchers tend towards Instrumentalism.

Since Insurgency agents are quite isolated from others according to cell teams/Facilities, it's quite common that they act in apparent contradiction with each other, some Facilities appear more prone to acts of humanitarianism towards it's anomalous assets, while others show a crude disregard for human life whether regular or anomalous. In the end, this is not only allowed by Delta Command, but in fact, enforced by it.

Use and Weaponization of Anomalies

The CI research on Anomalous items/entities is based around it's potential application, mostly military applications. Anomalous human beings are used as weapons/soldiers, particulary Blue Types (Thaumatologists), Red Types (Regenerators) and Yellow Types (Psychics, Enhanced Humanoids). Gray Types (Undead) are considered cannon fodder and used accordingly. Green Types (Reality Benders) and Silver Types (Infectious agents) are rare and used only under Delta Command orders. Non humanoid or Artifact types anomalies are researched and further developed to be used as weapons or logistic devices to further the CI goals, for this Vertigo (Safe) and Xeno (Euclid) Classes are prefered as they are easier to manipulated, while Omega (Keter) Class are rarely researched, since the CI doesn't have the resources to safely contain for further study. Anomalies under CI control and/or weaponized are called "Assets".

Chaos Insurgency Anomaly Classification System (CIACS)

The CI uses it's own system to identify Anomalies, based of partiallyn on the SCP Foundation system and partially on the Global Occult Coalition identification system. The anomalies are identified as CI/A-XXXX (Chaos Insurgency Anomaly) and the Item/Entity is identified acording to next criteria: Manipulation Class (Refers to the dificulty of control and manipulation), Range effect class (Refering to anomaly range/scale of effect), Affect Class (which refers to the severity of the anomaly's effect on the Target and how easily one can recover from it), and Element Class (specifying if the anomalous is Humanoid, Non-humanoid or Artifact).

Manipulation Class:

  • Vertigo: Are anomalies that are easily and safely usable. Handling or activating it poses little to no threat. Equivalent to Safe Class.
  • Xeno: Are anomalies that require more resources to apply or where manipulation and weaponization isn't always reliable. This anomaly is insufficiently understood or inherently unpredictable. Autonomous or humanoid anomalies are by default Xeno class. Equivalent to Euclid Class.
  • Omega: Are anomalies that are exceedingly difficult to use consistently or reliably, with manipulation procedures often being extensive and complex, making it extremely harder (if not outright impossible) for the Insurgency to handle and weaponize, that's why the CI possess few Omega class anomalies. Equivalent to Keter Class.
  • Ichor: Anomalies powerful enough to contain other anomalies. These are rare and most valuable for the CI. Equivalent to Thaumiel Class.
  • Inactive: No longer displays Anomalous activity, either through having been intentionally or accidentally destroyed or disabled. Little to no use for the CI. Equivalent to Neutralized Class.

Range effect class:

  • Sword (short ranged Anti-Unit)
  • Spear (long ranged Anti-Unit)
  • Crown (Anti-Unit: Self)
  • Balista (Anti-Team)
  • Nero (Anti-City)
  • Tiamat (Anti-World)
  • Morgana (Anti-Thaumaturgy)

Affect Class

  • Simple (mild effect)
  • Basic (mild to moderate)
  • Medium (moderate to significant)
  • Danger (significant to extreme)
  • Critical (Extreme to Extremely severe)

Humanoid type Anomalies:

  • Type Black: Demi-Deity.
  • Type Beige: Dismembered body part.
  • Type Blue: Thaumatologist.
  • Type Green: Reality Bender.
  • Type Grey: Reanimated Post-Mortem.
  • Type Red: Regenerator.
  • Type Silver: Infectious Hazard.
  • Type White: Atypical Energy Entity
  • Type Yellow: Shapeshifter, Psychic, or other anomalously enhanced humanoid

Non-humanoid type Anomalies

  • Hercules: Former human.
  • Andromeda: Lifeform of extraterrestrial origin.
  • Cetus: Sea monster.
  • Horologium: Temporally-shifted lifeform.
  • Centaurus: Cryptid (An autochthonic lifeform whose existence has been suppressed from the public knowledge).
  • Fornax: Thaumatological lifeform.
  • Berenice: Botanical in nature.
  • Sculptor: Human-created lifeform.
  • Vela: Non-Terrestrial Lifeform. This codeword is only used when a lifeform is determined to be non-native to the current spacetime, but its origin has not yet been determined.
  • Musca: Infectious microorganisms.
  • Monoceros: Lifeform originating from an alternate universe.
  • Caelum: Genius Loci. Codeword refers to a lifeform embodying or animating geographical features.

Artifact type Anomalies:

  • Papyrus: Bibliographical in nature.
  • Babbage: Computing machine.
  • Flintknap: Object designed for use as a weapon.
  • Draupnir: Object duplicates or produces new objects or parathreats.
  • Dracma: Monetary object.
  • Mirage: Memetic/Cognitohazard/Infohazard
  • Chalice: Ritual or religious object.
  • Torque: Wearable object.
  • Mana: Food or otherwise edible object.
  • Strings: Animate object.

Examples of Assets:

  • CI/A-001 (Bell Of Entropy), Xeno Class, Nero, Critical, Draupnir
  • CI/A-002 (Staff of Hermes), Xeno Class, Sword, Critical, Draupnir
  • CI/A-54 (The Engine), Xeno Class, Ballista, Critical, Draupnir
  • CI/A-072, Xeno Class, Sword, Critical, Type Yellow
  • CI/A-074 (Original Gasmask), Vertigo Class, Crown, Medium, Torque
  • CI/A-246, Xeno Class, Ballista, Critical, Yellow Type
  • CI/A-345, Vertigo Class, Crown, Basic, Fornax
  • CI/A-1242, Xeno Class, Sword, Critical, Type Yellow
  • CI/A-2143, Xeno Class, Sword, Critical, Draupnir
  • CI/A-1043, Xeno Class, Ballista, Danger, Strings
  • CI/A-375, Xeno Class, Sword, Critical, Strings
  • CI/A-1533, Xeno Class, Spear, Medium, Draupnir
  • CI/A-047, Xeno Class, Crown, Medium, Fornax
  • CI/A-3565, Xeno Class, Sword, Medium, Type Yellow
  • CI/A-3258, Xeno Class, Crown, Medium, Draupnir
  • CI/A-3501, Xeno Class, Tiamat, Basic, Strings


Standart Issued Tactical Suit (FATIGUE) as issued to a Beta Class tactical agent.

CI utilizes weapons and gear available in the regular market as well as the Black Market (where they control a big share of it). The Insurgency also uses technology stolen and reverse-engineered from the SCP Foundation, as well as from the Global Occult Coalition, such as SRAs (Scranton Reality Anchors), Amnestics, VERITAS Visual Systems, Black and Grey suits and even a simplified version of the Orange Suit.

Other equipments have been acquired from other GoIs such as the Amur Series Recon Drone, the Merlin Series Aerial Drone, the Peregrine Series Humanoid Utility Droid, the Aplomado Series Facility Defense Unit and the Gyrfalcon Series prosthetic parts (SCP-2806) from Anderson Robotics. The Insurgency also has developed it's own anomalous weapons such as the "Mike Units".

  • INSIGHT is the codename of the reverse-engineered CI version of the GOC's VERITAS system, it functions by detecting the distinctive Aetheric Energy Fields (AEF), or Elan Vital Energy (EVE) given off by living creatures during the course of normal life functions. By measuring the wavelengths and intensity of these energy fields, information regarding the nature of the life form, its mental and physical state, and any paranormal alterations can be determined. INSIGHT vision systems are only given to top Beta agents and Tactical teams.
  • GASMASK, is an anomalous based full face mask fitted with a breathing system and Audio-Visual cognitohazards filters. They are issued to tactical agents during raids.


  • SITS (Standart Issued Tactical Suit) based of UNGOC's Black Suits. Codenamed "FATIGUE". This carbon nanofiber polymer suits come in two versions, a bulletproof military green fatigue (with black t-shirt, underwear and balaclava made of carbon nanofiber) issued to Beta Tacticals and sometimes Alpha operatives as well, and the second one, regular bullet proof clothes commonly issued to Beta operatives. SITS are commonly used with anomalous gasmasks that filter not only gases but also audiovisual cognitohazards.
  • SIS (Stealth Infiltration Suit) based of UNGOC's Grey Suits, Codenamed "CLOAK". This full-bodysuit (including balaclava) utilizes more thaumaturgy than technology to create a chamaelon-like image over it's user. Includes a INSIGHT visual system and is designed to thaumaturgically mantain low temperature as well as acting as silent as posible.
  • HIAS (Heavy Infantry Assault Suit) based of UNGOC's White/Orange Suits. Codenamed "LAMELLAR". smaller in size and less powerful/armored than GOCs Units, but faster and nimbler than an U-HEC. This armored suit uses carbon-muscle fiber thaumaturgically enhanced, protected by ceramic alloy armor, includes an INSIGHT visual system, atmospheric protection system and several attached defensive mines. Features as well, Fear-inducing audio-visual cognitohazard thaumaturgical generators. Rarely used as it contradicts CI military doctrine of stealth, deception and fast-mobile strikes, but ready to engage in Facility defense and during Heavy strike engagements. I.e assaults on fortified positions. It's main function is acting as mobile heavy troop support.


CI uses the term "Facility" to refer to its Main Operating Bases, they are similar to SCP Foundation's Sites and Areas. CI uses Anomalous means to conceal and move these facilites when required and almost always are clandestine in nature. The CI also uses minor forward bases known as "Stations", these act mostly for logistical purposes and deployment of military forces. Minor temporary bases known as "Outposts" are used for rapid tactical deployment and/or intelligence gathering. Some Facilities are located on State controlled Prisions, where the corrupt governments dump their political opositors to be used as Test Subjects by the Insurgency R&D.

Facilities and Stations are divided in Sections used according to it's goals: Military (Barracks, Shooting grounds, Command offices), Research & Development (Labs, Engineering), Storage (for both normal and anomalous items) or Habitations (Living Quarters, Mess Halls, Medical bays), however unlike the SCP Foundation, these are dynamical in nature and can be altered/dissasembled as needed, which happens quite often. A primary consideration the CI has, is to avoid dependence on fixed bases and depots which are comparatively easy for conventional units to locate and destroy, thus few Facilities remain in the same place much time, being normally relocated using Anomalous and Thaumaturgical ways (similary to AR's Factories). Insurgency key sections in the Facilities and Stations can be quickly Apported if an enemy attacks the place, while non essential areas are used as defensive layers and later destroyed by self-terminating mechanisms. The Insurgency utilizes Apportation thaumaturgy to quickly deploy it's Units when needed.

Each Facility has a Facility Commander that leads it, a Gamma Class agent similar to a Foundation's Site Director, it also has a Logistics Officer another Gamma Class agent dedicated to the maintenance and logistics of each Facility. Insurgency bases are not pristine white and orderly like their nemesis' Sites, but quite the opposite, sometimes dirty and dissorganized, at least in appearence (this is made on purpose to further assert the image of "Rebels against the orderly SCP Foundation"). Almost every CI base is located underground.


The Insurgency operates a complex financial network based primarily on illegal business in third world countries, from drug-trafficking to gun-smuggling, and even human-trafficking, CI uses many proxy organizations to gather resources and intel. The CI has strong presence within local Black Markets and also with many governments and GoIs as it not only deals with the anomalous but also with political and military Intelligence, it is common for the Insurgency to sell and buys weaponized anomalies as well as it's expertise to the best buyer, usually corrupt governments. The CI buys (or steals) equipment from Anderson Robotics and buys and sells anomalous items to MC&D (whenever not fighting the organization).

Relationships with Other GoIs

The SCP Foundation

The Chaos Insurgency is at war with the Foundation and will not stop until it's nemesis is completely destroyed. SCP Agents are to be observed and not engaged unless order. Infiltration is a high priority as it not only grants key intel, but also potential recruits as well as granting valuable intel in preparation for raids to capture Anomalies.

Global Occult Coalition

The Insurgency is vary of the GOC and keeps itself ready should the Coalition engage it as the GOC consideres a high level threat and engage the CI if deemed necesary. Many agents have infiltrated the coalition over the years gaining valuable intel and paratechnology.


Marshal Carter & Dark has commercial ties with the CI, normally acting as buyers and sellers of paratechnology developed by the R&D branch. However, many cells have enganged military MC&D over anomalies in the past and while whis hasnt damaged permanently the business relations between the two groups, both might be wary of each other.

Anderson Robotics

The CI has commercial ties with the AR, many paratechnologies have been bought in the past from them and while military engagements might occur as with MC&D, relationships continue in the name of business.

The Serpent's Hand

Originaly considered potential allies by the SH, this relationship soured after the CI got expulsed from the Wanderers Library for thrashing the place in their search for potential weapons as well as attacking other members, that and the constant aggressive and unexpected actions from the Insurgency has make the SH to grant them the "Madmen" epithet. SH agents are to be observed as they might lead to potential useful anomalies.


Formerly the special KGB group devote to investigating and seizing Anomalies for the wellbeing of the USSR, they are currently more of an Russian Mafia-like organization using anomalies to further it's goals. When GRU P first appeared they were another GoI infiltrated for the CI to gain intel and later raid in the search of useful Anomalies, currently both groups co-exist in a sort non-agression pact as they are pretty similar in goals and composition, minor clashes had happened in the past (and still do) though.


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