SCP-2006 is a Keter class object in Series III written by Weizhong. SCP-2006 concerns a spherical, shapeshifting entity which takes the forms of creatures it has seen in horror/science fiction films in order to cause fear and horror in people. SCP-2006 is one of the most popular and well beloved articles on the site, and in Series III. It is a relatively short, but meaningful character driven article.


SCP-2006 is a spherical entity that wants to cause fear. To accomplish this purpose, SCP-2006 can change its shape, mass, volume, density, chemical structure, and voice to any form that it desires. SCP-2006 is immune to damage. SCP-2006 will try to frighten any humans any human it contact with, but will became friendly after that. SCP-2006 has a poor concept of fear. The reason why SCP-2006 classified as Keter because if it found out the real things that makes human afraid of, it will cause chaos.


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