The SCP-Wiki at Wikia/Fandom's Guidelines and Policies are to serve as a general framework for how and how not to edit and add content to the site. They also should serve as behavioral guidelines for interactions between users in the realm of editing and discussion.

Policies describe general rules for the administration of the wiki and what content it should contain. Policies will establish basic criteria for content as well as the use of administrative tools.

Guidelines will serve to demonstrate the etiquette for creation, editing, and organizing of content and articles on this wiki. This will serve to make the wiki easier to use and edit for both readers and editors, as well as make the appearance more uniform.

Adding or changing policies and guidelines

Change of policy on this wiki will fall under staff purview. We understand this is a departure from other Wikia based communities, but this is to come in line with the extant SCP Wiki staff. Prior to policy changes in regards to content, curation, and administration if the communities input is necessary, a blog or discussion forum will be formulated and put forward. All other policy decisions will fall in line with the O5 Site Charter.

List of Policies and Guideline

All user conduct policies will fall in line with established onsite rules of the original community. Violations of said rules will incur standard escalation of disciplinary action as indicated in the Site Rules. NOTE: Article content rules will differ severely from the main site.

Policy/guideline What it concerns Sub-guidelines
Administration policy Administrator actions in general; blocking, deletion and page protection
Article layout guidelines What to put where in articles
  • SCP-Article Layout
  • Tale Article Layout
  • GoI Article Layout
  • Location Article Layout
  • GoI Article Layout
  • Canon Article Layout
  • Deity Article Layout
Content organization guideline How content should be organized, what qualifies as sufficient to deserve its own article, what kind of meta-commentary can be provided.
Content policy What content may be added to the wiki; what rules apply to all content
Editing guideline How to write, edit, and format content in an appropriate manner.
User Conduct Guidelines How editors should behave
Chat Guidelines How users should behave in chat
Wiki Discussion and Forum guidelines

In the event of any rules conflict, refer to the more specific rule.

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.